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The ESCoor after-sales management encompasses, on request, all interactions between the customer and the manufacturer that may arise after the purchase of a product. According to individual requirements, we handle all the tasks of the after-sales management professionally and uncomplicatedly. Our services…

1. Service
2. Maintenance
3. Procurement/distribution of parts
4. Repair / Exchange
5. Complaints
6. Guarantee settlement
7. Statistics

ESCoor’s complete service portfolio allows you to focus fully on sales and the development of your markets. According to their individual requirements, we handle all the tasks of the after-sales management professionally, competently and uncomplicatedly. Take advantage of our many years of experience.
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Repair / Exchange

In the event of your customers’ complaint enquiries, we check the formal warranty claim and prepare a detailed fault analysis. After a detailed error check, we repair the devices or exchange the customer’s devices for adequate replacement goods. Our employees have many years of experience and the appropriate training in consumer electronics and small medical devices.

On request, we can facilitate the procurement of spare parts, warehousing and documentation of possible sources of error.

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Quality management

Trust is good, control is better. According to this motto, we carry out random checks for our customers of products from small medical devices or consumer electronics for example from the Far East. In addition to the optical customer specifications and the general user-friendliness, we test all the technical functions of the device in the stress test.

We also regularly create our own test scenarios or carry out special tests (also in the long-term test) according to customer specifications.

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Have your goods have already been sold and you find that the they are defective or cannot be used in the present form? Flexibility, speed and sound technical know-how are now in demand. Reprocessing or post-processing of faulty devices are an essential core segment of ESCoor GmbH & Co. KG. Our company size, the high flexibility of the individual employees as well as our production areas allow us to respond very quickly to customer requirements.


In the ESCoor refurbishment, customer orders from the fields of consumer electronics and small medical devices as well as household electronics have been handled for years. For the purpose of reuse and marketing, the products are overhauled, repaired and refurbished in a quality-assured manner.


Do you need updates or a new software release for your consumer electronics, household electronics or small medical devices in order to be able to market them without major delays? We can carry out the necessary upgrades directly in our production line in Lüneburg (Germany). Thanks to our dedicated production line, we are able to update up to 20,000 devices per week if required.


Are you looking for a storage solution for your new, spare parts, return or used goods?ESCoor offers you a well-structured high-bay warehouse in order to be able to “park” goods before or after processing or placing on the market if necessary.S imply control your flow of goods we support you with our flexibility.

QMS Documentation

Do you consider the documentation of processes of the services we provide to be an important basis for your own quality management? Using a specially developed QMS and ERP system, we document all data relevant to quality management for you and prepare it according to your specifications.


Are you looking for a packaging concept or a fast solution for re-labelling? In the course of reworking or in a refurbishment process, as well as sole service, we offer you a variety of packaging options tailored to fit your requirements and also creating the necessary label forms. Together with our team, we also carry out all the necessary packaging work.


We can perform small and medium-sized productions or an assembly of electronic componets directly on site in Lüneburg (Germany) for you. Alongside customer service and support quality is always our top priority. Every item that will produced here at our facility will individually tested in our well equipped workshops. Due to our long-standing expertise in the service sector, we can usually detect possible sources of error before production and eliminate them after consultation with our customers.We liase closely with our business-partners through all stages of production ensuring high quality goods and exellent customer service throughaut the manufacturing process.

Technical Support

With our competent technical support, we cover all areas of first level and second level support for our customers. Due to our many years of experience in consumer electronics, household electronics and small medical devices, we know the daily challenges in business. Our staff is experienced, competent and flexible and works safely in a rapidly changing market. The internal IT infrastructure enables ESCoor to communicate tailored to the customers on different channels: video conferencing, interactive chats or traditional support via phone and e-mail – your customers are supported on request multichannel. With service times adjusted to your customers, we also make a further contribution to customer satisfaction.